Videos – street theatre

Doggs Troupe – 15 Minute Hamlet
15-Minute Hamlet is a 1976 comedic abridgement of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Ed Berman. The play, an excerpt from Dogg’s Hamlet, condenses the original Hamlet, including all the best-known scenes, into approximately 13 minutes of on-stage action. This is followed by another even more drastically reduced performance of the play from beginning to end, lasting 2 minutes, bringing the total running time up to 15 minutes. Doggs Troupe were a branch of the Interaction Trust Online

La Machine – Liverpool Spider
La Princesse is a 15-metre (50-foot) mechanical spider designed and operated by French performance art company La Machine. The spider was showcased in Liverpool, England, as part of the 2008 European Capital of Culture celebrations.

Royal de Luxe – The Sultan’s Elephant London 2006
The characters in these four videos, and the previous extract, are on display at Les Machines de l’Île in Nantes.

Sultan’s Elephant on Horseguards Parade

Sultan’s Elephant in Trafalgar Sq

Bash Street Theatre with Cliffhanger (Trailer)

Les Razbitumes at Brighton Street Arts Festival 2008

Ramshacklicious at Brighton Street Arts Festival 2008

The Alexandras, at Brighton Street Arts Festival 2008

Rider Spoke, by Blast Theory