The power of a metaphor.

The power of a metaphor. There is tradition, in western thinking at least, of trying to put ideas into categories. Just as donkeys are different from horses, knowing the difference is useful if you’re trying to work out how to pull a cart; similarly, working out false logic is useful in the search for truth.  … Read more

Creativity and management

Given that the name of the website refers to creativity, it’s about time there was something here about the processes of creating theatre. What’s set me off is that I’ve just been asked by my friend Gail Pallin to comment on her research paper about creativity and stage management. It has triggered an impulse to … Read more

My Bookshelf

While much of the time there’s a load of crud on my bookshelf, such as french atlases and camping directories, cookery books and playtexts, there are some books I can’t face putting up in the loft; either because they are too important or because I haven’t finished reading them yet. Here’s a selection of what … Read more

Teaching for a working class theatre.

This post is being written in Blackpool, where I’m about to work with young people from the local FE college. From the hotel room I’ve a clear view of the Tower. Two days ago I was doing the same in Nottingham – from my room I could see the castle lit up, looking for all … Read more

Jean-Claude le Cabillaud

Perhaps the epitome of the modern celebrity, Jean-Claude has made a significant contribution in a wide variety of fields. He first shot to prominence as a backing singer to Robbie Williams on Charles Trenet‘s La Mer, he added his own quality to the chansonier’s oeuvre. He went on to create a celebrated Sci-Fi creation with … Read more