The business case for the Arts

The Centre for Economics and Business Research has just published research into the economic value of arts activity, entitled Arts & culture’s economic contribution – An analysis of the macroeconomic contribution of the arts and culture and of their contribution through spillover effects (May 7, 2013).. The report was commissioned in November by Arts Council … Read more

Gestural Music

Just came across this performance, Imogen Heap using sensing gloves; close mics; a Kinect to control Ableton. Very impressive – two years of mapping to create a ‘human instrument’

Henley review of cultural learning

The latest report on the state of arts education in the UK. Glad to see it supports the special funding for drama schools; but more importantly its recognition of the importance of the role of arts education today. The full report can be found here, but there’s a useful summary at the Cultural Learning Alliance: … Read more

UCAS statistics for the Arts & Creative Industries are deeply worrying – Jarvis | The Labour Party

The arts are one of the main drivers of industry innovation, through design, presentation and merchandising of product; in education delivering crucial interpersonal and collaborative skills through drama that are fundamental to management and sales. The danger of caricaturing these areas as ‘Mickey Mouse degrees’ compared to traditional skills of analysis, is that it wastes … Read more


I just love this as a visual essay, combining some quite complex ideas: The Society of the Spectacle The Society of the Spectacle, Part Two

Fun Art Bus reloaded

I’ve been following with interest a project from the great Ed Berman called the Fun Art Bus. This is a redevelopment of a community project from the 60’s, where the bus transports arts activists into a neighbourhood to help the community develop their own voice. Ed’s presentation can be found as a PDF download here … Read more