Making theatre

This site is looking to explore wider issues of theatre making, beyond the ‘simple’ act of performing a text. Drama, and especially method-based acting, and scripted plays, is not the totality of the theatre experience; and neither is theatre solely located in a specialised building.

The theatre I wish to explore here includes a wide variety of story-telling processes, and simple acts of celebration: a place or activity where people come together; to exchange ideas and visions; to try to transcend the everyday or to create a form of magic or holiness; to push the nature of human physical existence.

My work as a specialist in technical theatre education and training; and more latterly as an outreach worker, trying to open up the industry to under-represented groups, has always presented me with a set of contradictions about the ways that meaning is created and presented.  How to create a theatre that is truly representative of everyone’s experience, and inclusive of cultural difference based on class, gender, ethnic background, or any other issue of identity.  How the methods of production impact on the artform itself.  How issues of craft skill and of artistry combine or conflict, and how issues of values are often disguised as judgements of quality.

The site is there to explore aspects of all this work: performed poetry; carnival; music; movement; design and construction; lighting and video. It is there to explore the nature of creating it, and the nature of the creators. Please feel free to join in the debates – your contribution will be valued if presented in the same spirit of enquiry.

Julian Bryant



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