The importance of language structures

Recently I’ve been amusing myself by trying to understand other languages better, through the Duolingo app. Refreshing French, to conversational level; learning Spanish, and now some Dutch. I understand that if you want to learn a language fast, it’s best to concentrate on the grammar more than vocabulary. It got me thinking about the way that … Read more

The question of reality

I’m not such a fan of ‘pretending’ any more. The style of naturalism in performance, that prevails particularly on TV is ultimately deceitful, in that it cloaks its own artifice. While it’s clever, and enjoyable in its way to lose yourself as an audience member in the piece, I often feel a little disconnected somehow, however stunning the performance.

Henley review of cultural learning

The latest report on the state of arts education in the UK. Glad to see it supports the special funding for drama schools; but more importantly its recognition of the importance of the role of arts education today. The full report can be found here, but there’s a useful summary at the Cultural Learning Alliance: … Read more