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Through an unfortunate series of events, my previous site (creatingtheatre.com) managed to get deleted. This is a replacement; and will contain some of my original material.

It’s also an opportunity to repurpose the site. Whereas the last one reflected its origins as a place where I reflected on my work at Rose Bruford and as a freelance adviser, I now have the luxury of representing a wider world view, including politics and society as well as various forms of performance, that comes from retirement. The influences on my thinking are many and varied, and I hope to explore some of them online.

At the time of writing, with Brexit in the UK and Trump running riot in America, and social democracy and socialism on the back foot, it’s a time to reflect on the thoughts shaping our world: of economic liberalism that favours the corporate world; of political discourse being run as a game show; with evidence and debate being disparaged by ‘post truth’ announcements; above all, of the rise of hate-mongers of many kinds.

I’ve been pondering Guy Debord and the Spectacle; Gramschi and common sense; Peter Drucker’s ideas about organisation; St Exupéry and meaningful lives; Jung on faith and individuation; Chris Argyris and postmodern companies. This is a pretty wide field of study. Hope you’ll want to follow, and maybe get involved in discussion.

2 thoughts on “A new website”

  1. Hi Julian,
    I think you went to Cambridge Grammar School with my dear brother Kevan Roberts.
    Our mother passed away recently and I found a few old pictures of our Scottish holiday beside Loch Fyne. I’ll send them, is this email okay to use?.


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