Updated website October 2017


After a couple of serious crashes, much of this material has been recovered from archive files, and posted into creatingtheatre.net. The moral? Backup frequently!

After my retirement in 2011, I eventually wound down my moodle site I’d been using with students, and brought some of that material into the main site, as I indicated below. Soon after, the whole creatingtheatre.com site disappeared into the ether; and legacy material was brought into creatingtheatre.net.  All was well, until one day a slip of the finger, and the site vanished. It looked like .net was going the same way as its predecessor.

After a couple of days’ work, I found a backup from 2015, which has allowed a partial recovery. A few files have gone astray, and I need to do more work in uploading images and my video collection. I’ve taken the opportunity to change the layout of the site – hopefully it will improve usability, as well as being prettier.

Original post:

If you’ve visited this site before, you’ll notice a change of theme. The time has come to make some changes; the old VLE site is about to disappear, and the best bits have been placed in menus here.

Part of the rethink is what the site is for. As in the past, it’s intended to be a repository for learning materials for stage managers; and a place for working out ideas on theatre and performance and the creative industries. In addition, I’m now going to extend that remit to explore wider philosophical notions of lived experience, society, and governance.



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