Why Children's Theater Matters | Education.com

Great article from the USA about theatre for young audiences. Thanks to Chris Elwell for bringing it to attention.

Why Children's Theater Matters | Education.com.

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  1. i am currently working on a final year project in my school that hes to do with children’s theater as a business and why bodies need to sponsor it and make the kids have a world of their own instead of watching violence and immoral act on T.V making them believe violence is the only way to solve things, it has to do with why children’s theater really matters, in my country down here it is rarely embraced. Please can i get materials that has to deal with this issue? thanks.

  2. @Osho – I’ve written an essay on here about Theatre for Young Audiences, which might help as a starting point for your research. You can find it under the menu at the top of the page “Beyond the Playhouse”.


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