Fun Art Bus reloaded

I’ve been following with interest a project from the great Ed Berman called the Fun Art Bus. This is a redevelopment of a community project from the 60’s, where the bus transports arts activists into a neighbourhood to help the community develop their own voice. Ed’s presentation can be found as a PDF download here

The original bus was part of a series of arts projects that Ed developed with the Interaction Trust, which Susan Croft is in the process of documenting as part of Unfinished Histories. This great project is starting to trace some of the exciting innovations in community-oriented theatre that took place when I was starting out. The interview in the project are filling out some of the stories in Cathy Itzin’s book, “Stages in the Revolution“, no longer in print.

The Interaction trust caught the eye of several notables including the Prince of Wales:

HRH The Prince of Wales visit to Inter-Action from Fun Art Bus – Inter-Action on Vimeo.

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