Jean-Claude le Cabillaud

Perhaps the epitome of the modern celebrity, Jean-Claude has made a significant contribution in a wide variety of fields. He first shot to prominence as a backing singer to Robbie Williams on Charles Trenet‘s La Mer, he added his own quality to the chansonier’s oeuvre. He went on to create a celebrated Sci-Fi creation with Omega-6, which describes the inner world of a protagonists battle with pre-senile dementia. Along with his colleague Andre Aiglefin he has lately made a substantial contribution as a restauranteur to the quality of fast-food techniques in British cuisine.

His origins are in his native region of Gascony, but went to study at the Sorbonne under Alan Sokal, becoming deeply involved in the development of the concept of transformative hermeneutics. He went on to the University of Biarritz, where he developed his doctoral thesis on the Basque contribution to early maritime navigation, and where he also developed his taste for the bizarre and unusual while playing pelota at an international level.

He is well-known for his aversion to modern net technologies. Despite this, or maybe because of it, he has developed through his online presence a transatlantic reputation, partly through the dryness of his humour. With his partner Lisette MacKerrow he moved to London in 1997 to develop their eating club La Rascasse. Through a chance meeting, he became responsible for introducing the French company Royale de Luxe, (hailing from the seaport of Nantes) who brought The Sultan’s Elephant to London in 2006. He has been seen at a number of festivals, where he is rapidly gaining an avid following.

Unusually for such an active practitioner, he has become known as something of an authority on postmodernism, and especially on the Russian theorist Mikhail Bakhtin. He has given lectures on the subject at Rose Bruford College; characterised by his typically enigmatic style of presentation. It was there that he discovered the celebratory art company Bohemian Events, for whom he has become an important mentor and inspiration. His latest work, about to be unveiled, is about the process of mythopoesis and the growth of urban legends; not without a measure of self-referentiality.

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