In Stuart Bennett’s estimate143 there is more work in the area of applied theatre than there is in the mainstream: if that is true, then if we regard the social aspects of theatre as an economic activity it becomes important to emphasise this aspect to young people in training; and as part of widening participation, to encourage underrepresented groups such as working class and ethnic minority young people to see a future in this area. The measures of value we have observed in Chapter Two seem to hold up as valid: aesthetics, social value, and economic viability. Any project can be subjected to this analysis, though it is probably important that we do not expect every show to conform strictly to a full measure in each area, particularly in a development phase. I am conscious, in having completed this extended essay, that although analysis has been present, that it has not been at the fore of the exercise, as one might expect from a Masters’ assignment. My concerns as a practitioner, both of theatre and education, are more to provide a series of starting points, and something of a taxonomy. There are areas I would wish to expand and develop. Theatre in prisons is not well represented here, even within the range of activity under inspection. The whole area of commercial working class entertainment, as mentioned above, should be brought into the survey. The connection of pantomime, clowning, music hall and variety as a living tradition, with strong roots in working class culture, should be seen as part of this exercise; as should the other uses of theatre technologies. The issue, at the end of this survey, is what it demonstrates. Firstly, despite a reputation that is often poor, Arts Council England does seem to be having some effect as a change manager. The methodology is often poor; and gives the impression of disengagement and patrician aloofness; but clearly there are people there who are doing great work. Secondly, there is a broad and extensive movement of practitioners who are passionate and dedicated to their work. Not outlined within the survey, but anecdotal evidence suggests many ‘mainstream’ artists have either moved into social theatre, or manage a mixed practice.

143 Conversation with the author, July 2008

The third area is one which I think comes from the breadth of the survey, showing parallel trend in a number of areas: the reflection of a changing society; one of less deference, where hierarchy is giving way to networking; engagement rather than imposition; and a blurring of the distinction between professional, volunteer and amateur. This has implications for all those who organise, and I would argue for those who create, the social theatre of today. Clay Shirky indicates, as quoted in Chapter 6, the distinction between consumer and producer is now blurred in cyberspace; by analogy, the distiction in the physical world can now be drawn between performances which, once directed, are now being increasingly curated; content may be as much in the hands of the (former) spectator, as of the act-or. Structure is as important as the 56

content, and we might echo McLuhan in arguing for live oerformance as much as mediated, that the medium IS the message. 57



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