The importance of language structures

Recently I’ve been amusing myself by trying to understand other languages better, through the Duolingo app. Refreshing French, to conversational level; learning Spanish, and now some Dutch. I understand that if you want to learn a language fast, it’s best to concentrate on the grammar more than vocabulary. It got me thinking about the way that … Read more The importance of language structures

Narrative arcs and Panto – “Alright you lot, shut up now and let’s get on with the story.”

I’m interested in theatre, and pantomime in particular, as storytelling in this post, and the implications of narrative as an agent of change.  In the discussions of an anthropology view of making theatre and performances,  a number of metaphors are used. Johannes Huzinga referred to ‘Homo ludens’ – the characteristic of being human is our … Read more Narrative arcs and Panto – “Alright you lot, shut up now and let’s get on with the story.”

Managing creatives and innovation

Thinking about the way theatre companies organise, I did some reading into management theory. I was recommended to Gareth Morgan’s book, Images of Organization (Sage, 1986).  In it, he outlines a view that the way organisations think about what they do depends on metaphors, drawn from other realms: so there’s a mechanistic view: the organisation … Read more Managing creatives and innovation

Stage managing in the curriculum

I’ve been putting off writing this post for some time now. The time has come to get things off my chest, and outline why I regard stage-managing as a valuable asset to the school and college syllabus. Having practised as a lecturer for thirty years; and been involved in the setting of vocational and academic … Read more Stage managing in the curriculum

The question of reality

I’m not such a fan of ‘pretending’ any more. The style of naturalism in performance, that prevails particularly on TV is ultimately deceitful, in that it cloaks its own artifice. While it’s clever, and enjoyable in its way to lose yourself as an audience member in the piece, I often feel a little disconnected somehow, however stunning the performance.

Can theatres survive despite cuts to the arts?

This article is written by Ashley Curtis, brand journalist, on behalf of Stagecoach Theatre Arts School. You’d be forgiven for thinking regional theatre is at the brink of being swallowed whole due to more and more funding cuts. Ask any play director in the UK; there is no doubt a measure of sadness at the level of finance … Read more Can theatres survive despite cuts to the arts?

Are Stage Managers Artists?

In Defense of Stage Managers; by Al Franklin – December 2012 issue of Equity News (USA) This article was reproduced on Tumblr, with the additional editorial explanation: On November 5, 2012, the Goodman and Steppenwolf Theatres along with the Central Stage Manager Committee hosted a Chicago Stage Manager Pizza Night. The event was a celebration of the … Read more Are Stage Managers Artists?